Picprojects 2.0

I can’t remember when I originally started the Picprojects website, I had some content on a personal website back around 2004 and the ‘Way Back Machine’ Internet Archive has a web page from May 2009 on the picprojects.org domain so it predates that for sure.

Back then I was using FrontPage Express to create the content.  I know that wasn’t a great application to develop a website with even then, but that’s what I had access to.  As more projects got added and the site got larger it got to the point where it should really have been migrated to something better but I had no desire to spend the time and effort revamping the whole site.

Over the last two or three years I’ve not been doing much with PIC micro controllers and haven’t updated the Picprojects website with any new content.  At one point I had even thought about cancelling the web hosting contract and letting the domain name expire.

However, even though I hadn’t put any new content up for sometime I’ve continued to receive the occasional email relating to the projects or asking for help.  Since it seems there is still an interest in the PIC micros and this site I plan to keep it active.

Going forward I’ve had to think about what to do.   I don’t want to get rid of the original PIC projects site content, but neither do I want to redevelop the site so I’m leaving it as is and any new things I do will appear here.   I’m not planning on doing any big projects and certainly not going back to selling chips or kits.

I thought I might just write about things I’ve been playing around with.  The original mid-range PIC micro controllers have now been superseded by the enhanced mid-range devices which I really like.  The instruction set and hardware features on these new parts addresses many of the shortcomings of the original devices, no more bit banging serial and PWM on little 8 pin devices – that has to be a good.

Anyway, that’s where Picprojects is at now and we shall see what happens in 2018.