My name’s Pete and I create, develop and publish the Picprojects on this web site.  I work in the IT Industry and have always had an interest in digital and micro electronics.  The PIC micro-controllers are a hobby for me; I originally set the website up to share my experiments and projects with like minded individuals and that is still the ethos behind it.

As a kid I was really interested in electronics and the early home computers; the ones you built yourself – with a soldering iron. There was no Internet back then and I spent many hours poring over books and electronic magazines teaching myself. 

The website is here for all those people today who were like me back in the day; hungry for knowledge, keen to learn and enjoy building things and experimenting themselves.

I still enjoy tinkering with the PIC and I think it is a great device for many applications.  I’ve put many hours of work in to the projects and writing them up on website so I hope you find something here that is helpful to you and excites you into learning more.


December 2017

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Any websites with a domain name containing ‘picprojects’  and not listed above are in no way connected with me or this website.