F1 Gantry Race Start Lights

Since I stopped selling kits in 2016 I’ve had a small but steady stream of enquires about the Race Start Controller project. Since I had no stock of the original PCB for the project I was unable to supply kits or pre-assembled boards.

After yet another enquiry I decided to revisit the project, lay out a new PCB and have a small batch of boards manufactured. It’s essentialy the same project, uses the same firmware and has the same functionality as the original but I’ve taken the opportunity to add a new header that will make it easier to connect relay modules in place of the orginal LED cluster modules. This was something quite a few buyers of the original board had wanted to do, so it made sense to include this. The new PCB is slightly larger than the original and double-sided which makes assembly easier.

A revised schematic for the new PCB can be downloaded below. The actual circuit is identical to the original with the addition of the JP4 header, R8 and a 2-pin header, OPT1. The current firmware doesn’t use R8/OPT1 so they can be omitted. All connections and operation are the same as the original project (see here).
The original project page also has links to download the firmware for the PIC16F1823.

A revised schematic for the new PCB can be downloaded below. I’ve tried to keep the component and connector numbering the same as the original PCB

PCB500J dimensions are 88mm x 59mm.

Buy one

I can supply the bare PCB only, or a pre-assembled control board with the most recent firmware installed. I have boards ready to ship (UK only)
contact me for more information

  • Bare PCB only – £5.00
  • Pre-assembled PCB* – £25.00,
  • price includes shipping to UK Mainland only

*The price for the pre-assembled control PCB is for the board only; power supplies, LED cluster modules and any other items required to construct a complete system are not included.

The PCB design is on the EasyEDA website

If you want to have your own boards manufactured, open the PCB layout in the editor and click on the icon in the toolbar to generate the Gerber files.